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This movie clip is an impression of the installation


7 cilinders 1999 ©

7 cilinders Dominikanerkerk 1999 ©

7 cilinders Dominikanerkerk 1999 ©

7 cilinders Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg ©

7 cilinders Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg ©

7 cilinders Huis voor de Kunsten Limburg ©





The installation ‘ the 7 cylinders ‘ (1999) consists of 7 pneumatic powered air cylinders, a plc computer and a compressor.

It is a working installation.

Visitors danced to the rhythm of the installation, as it were, which transforms into a mechanical orchestra. The installation also invites visitors to feel with their hands to the hoses and cylinders.
They feel how the air through the hoses is squeezed and they sense as if they hold mechanical veins and hearts.

Birgitt Derks has her heart rate In 7 days recorded during 7 different daily activities, such as sleep, eat, work. This registration, as pulsepiep on tape, and using a morse seiner transferred this pulsepiep to a plc computer.

This plc computer controls the installation and controls which cylinder goes up and down. The cylinders go up and down separately for 15 minutes and then are in rest position for 15 minutes.
Each cylinder has its own rhythm. All this powered by a compressor which supplies for the air.

Thanks to Festo BV Delft